Do you just love to be taken care of and treated like a princess?

I left several messagse and finally almost 3 months later I received a credit. These extra debits to my account caused me to go over the limit with my credit card company and I had to pay additional fees. When it was all said and done the $ membership ended up costing me almost $90! I would not recommend this site to anyone.

Most who complain to the Bureau cancel almost immediately after they sign on, but when they’re charged for services anyway, they find the Sugar Daddy trap more sticky than sweet.

SugarDaddy offers a three-day trial period but has a strict no-refund policy once adult dating sites te bevrijden the standard member upgrades to a paying membership

SugarDaddyForMe sells romance with, from all implications, prospects who have a Dom Perignon pocketbook and will freely pour out its contents. Like a barker at a carnival sideshow, the Calabasas company not very subtly hints at what’s inside that you can’t afford to miss for the slim price of admission. “Ladies, ” it begins, “Are you an attractive, young woman? . . . An aspiring model, actress or businesswoman? . . . Would you like to have a man be a provider for you? . . . . . . “Looking for an ExtraMarital affair?”

And for the gentlemen, “Have you . . . attained substantial success? Are you a very busy executive . . .? Whether you want to have an Extraper a special someone, you are at the right place!”

And although the company prohibits offers of money in exchange for sex, its terms and conditions require members to keep their communications “in the nature of seeking romantic relationships where one member may wish to help the other one financially within the context of a relationship because they care for and appreciate the other person and want to help them.”

Without signing up, you can view photo after tantalizing photo of young, attractive, women in various poses and various stages of dress or undress (though the company’s policies also prohibit the display of any content containing nudity). Male photos are rare.

Although you can also post your own personal information or search for persons meeting the specifications you choose just by registering and accepting the company’s contract, consisting of its terms and conditions (this would be a standard, or non-paying, membership), you will have to upgrade to a premium membership to communicate by email with anyone who wants to contact you or anyone you want to contact. You will have to pay extra to receive email from non-paying members.

Memberships range from $ to $, depending on whether you want such features as top placement in searches, Smart Match Detection emails, etc. The “total access” feature for non-paying member communication adds $ to the cost, and in every case you’ll have to pay a $3.95 administration fee.

According to SugarDaddy’s terms and conditions, it does not monitor the activity of its members, nor does it screen or interview them, inquire into their backgrounds, or make any attempt to verify the accuracy of their statements. It expressly does not guarantee or promise specific results to those using its website. In short, the website functions as a meeting place for romantics to seek romance, and should you find it, if you’re one seeking it, you should be aware that SugarDaddy disclaims any responsibility for loss or damage, including personal injury or death, resulting from your use of their website.

Here’s the catch: SugarDaddyForMe holds out, for women, the promise of finding a rich man to provide for them and, for men, the promise of finding someone they’ll love to pamper